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September 20, 2010


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This is the third in a series of Bleach character features highlighting exceptional art of the selected character. For this third feature I have decided to highlight works of that memorable character Rukia Kuchiki.

In the series, Rukia is a Soul Reaper in the 13th Division under Jūshirō Ukitake. Shortly after meeting the main protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see supernatural beings such as Soul Reapers, she is forced to give him her powers in order to fulfill her duties as a Soul Reaper.(From Wikipedia )

:star: Digital :star:
RUKIA KUCHIKI AND TSUBAKI 2 by NatsutokiYukiRukia - Sode no Shirayuki by Zyephens-Insanity:thumb154566245:rukia by sakuraikoukiRUKIA 2 by ShangGuanDiGuaIce Princess Rukia by MissCyrafRukia, Revisited by Gravija-Sunrise:thumb153677126:RUKIA by ShangGuanDiGuaBLEACH: Kuchiki Rukia by blackstormDark Rukia by Akebashi-chan:thumb142703699:Bleach-Tsubaki with Rukia by NatsutokiYukirukia speedpaint by tobieeHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RUKIA by ShangGuanDiGuamai sode no shirayuki by xxxsumeragi:thumb58605412:BLEACH -----"RUKIA' and "KON" by puyoakiraBLEACH-- RUKIA by DarkChildx2kBLEACH - Kuchiki RUKIA by Washu-MKuchiki Punk by Punkykoolkat:thumb55197489:Kuchiki Rukia by iDNARBLEACH - Rukia Kuchiki by yanimator+Rukia+ by PsyconorikanHygienic Rukia by SpeehSummer Days by ofSkySociety-Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia by korilinbleach -- rukia by adorationBleach bookmark - Rukia by yanimatorSode no Shirayuki - Rukia by KrisCynicalSode no Shirayuki by charlestanartRukia Kuchiki Vizard by angryanglershow me the way by SodalithBLEACH KUCHIKI RUKIA by NatsutokiYukiRukialala by aj-chanRukia - Purity Within by keelerleahFANART: Sodeno Shirayuki by Quirkilicious:thumb150017552:White Grace by MissCyrafBleach: Scarlet by RuemeKuchiki Rukia by lenadrofranciSW: Rukia Kuchiki by silvairKuchiki Rukia by letsduarterukia kuchiki by shireirukia by AmuriaNovena Espada: Kuchiki Rukia by peacheryRukia Kuchiki by Gravija-SunriseRukia Kuchiki by 6o4-animegurlBLEACH--Rukia-chan portrait Oo by RadittzBleach :: Kuchiki Rukia by Maria-Ylla:thumb85333789:

:star: Traditional :star:
shadow of doubt by bloodandpepperMirror by pink-pink: Spring Love : by unfinishedtearsFinding by denebtenohWelcome back... by denebtenohBLEACH - Kuchiki RUKIA - Dance by Washu-MBLEACH: IchiRuki -Calling you- by blackstorm:thumb178830774:Rukia Kuchiki by sarugaki339:thumb157345473:

:star: Group :star:
light of night by tangtuancherry by tangtuanno escape. by AmritaSamaFear No Evil by luculentquark.:Alchemy - RenRuki:. by kitsune999::Bleach - Kanpaaai:: by kitsune999Bleach - Rukia Facing Death by keelerleahBleach-doujinshi cover by LemonPoBYAKURUKI 29 by ShangGuanDiGuaFalling 4U by denebtenohBleach Valentine : IchiRuki by unfinishedtearsBleach Valentine by mousingerz:thumb121358813:Ichigo + byakuya x Rukia by NatsutokiYukiByakuruki-la vie en rose by tangtuanBleach - Spring Rain- by keelerleahA Peaceful Moment by keelerleahBleach _ Rukia and Orihime by bms-balBleachness by Shunshuu-TsunamiBAYKURUKI  14 by ShangGuanDiGuaforever by deviletteBeach Bleach by Punkykoolkat...She fell asleep. by aj-chanSunsets and Rooftops by PunkykoolkatBleach: Pride and Purity by keelerleahIchiruki- Rain by Ichi-ruki87Bleach - Byakuya and Rukia by keelerleah.:IchiRuki- Happy Holidays:. by Nardhwen:Bleach: A Walk to Remember by sycamoreleaf

:star: Other :star:
:thumb168090014:First dance, white moon by TiburonsamaEaster Chappy Rukia by Wasudo:thumb153677126:Rukia Plushie_ Full Scene by renealexaChibi Rukia by ryster17Bleach: Sode No Shirayuki by chiokyKuchiki Rukia: Cherry Blossoms by Ranmaru-Mori:thumb1707180:

:star:Some Rukia related groups::star:

:iconrukiakuchikifc: :iconxxrukiafanartclubxx: :iconthe-rukia-shrine: :iconrukia---group:
and More
Bleach Rukia Stamp by erjanksRukia Stamp by Busiris:thumb86608096::Kuchiki Rukia Stamp: by Queen-Vegeta69

:star:Previous Bleach Character features::star:
:bulletblack: Byakuya Kuchiki
:bulletblack: Ulquiorra Schiffer
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